10 Things I Love About My Bike | Bajaj Discover 150S

10 Things I Love About My Bike | Bajaj Discover 150S

Hello friends, here is the review of Bajaj Discover 150S and 10 things i love about this bike. Till today i have ridden 6000kms and i have not faced any problem from this bike. You may be wondering why i bought this bike instead of Pulsar, Unicorn, gixxer, Fz, etc as a tourer. There are few reasons to buy this bike, first thing i did not have much money. If i had bought those kind of bikes though it would be difficult for me to feed petrol for it. But this bike doesn’t need much fuel. As you guys know old discover was not better than this, even i have ridden that bike it had too much of vibration and not comfortable for long rides. But Discover is changed now, you can feel the main difference in the body and style.

Today i have take this topic to inspire you to buy this bike or to change your mindset from Not Good to Too Good.

In the list i have 10 things, so here it is –

  1. Mileage
  2. Touring Comfort
  3. Price
  4. Mirrors
  5. Wind Screen
  6. Disc brake
  7. Tyres
  8. Engine Sound
  9. Suspension
  10. Gear System

From now on i’ll explain each points briefly, if u r feeling bored to read this post then i would suggest you to watch my video “10 Things I Love About My Bike | Bajaj Discover 150S”. And i have challenged few motovloggers from India to do a same video review i.e 10 Things they love about their bike. Those motovloggers are 1. Dinesh RP 2. Bang2WR15 3. TheyseeRider 4. As I Ride Motovlogger 5. BigBang Biker. So i’ll feature their video here aswell.

Continue to read after the video.

1 Mileage

This is the most important thing for everyone, because no one wants to just lose their money by fuel!

So what would you expect mileage from 150cc bike. I asked same question with many people and answer was like 38, 40, 42, … 50 km/l. Yes these answers are right. but my bike’s mileage is 55-60 km/l. Yes its true i get 55-60km/l. Daily i cover 35 to 40 kms in Bengaluru city. My home to office is around 18 kms so up n down covers around 40kms, In a week i cover around 260kms with just 300rs petrol. so if i calculate i get around 60 kms per liter. Its awesome right. An one thing – the way you ride your bike also matter a lot for mileage.

2 Touring Comfort

This is the most interesting part, many said Discover is just for commuter use and yes its true, but only for old Discover and not for new Discover. New Discover is completely changed. The position of Handle Bar and seating position is perfect for touring. I don’t get any backpain or shoulder pain in this bike even after riding continuously for 100kms.

3 Price

Onroad Price of the Discover is just 68,000 INR. I guess this is the cheapest 150cc bike right now. Good for those who don’t have much money but needs to buy 150cc bike.

4 Mirrors

Mirrors are very important for me because i need to watch whats happening behind also, it helps in lot ways. In this bike mirrors are positioned perfectly, i can see rear view perfectly. And design is preety decent as well.

5 wind screen

Wind screen is very important for cruisers and this bike is helping me a bit. Wind screen design is preety decent and aerodynamic as well. It helps me to cruise at 80 to 90 km/h easily. I have reached Top Speed of 115 km/h in this bike because of good aerodynamic front design.

6 Disc Brake

Breaking is important for any vehicle, so discover has a front 240m petal Disc brake which helps a lot in city. And rear brake is not much good but still its fine.

7 Tyres

Bajaj Discover 150 gets Tubeless tyres and not to worry too much while riding for long distances.

Front 80/100-17, tubeless, unidirectional
Rear 100/90-17, tubeless, unidirectional

8 Engine Sound

Engine is not that much great everytime, but its sounds great while riding uphill with average trottle open.

Max. Power (Ps @ RPM) 14.5 ps @ 8500 RPM
Max. Torque (Nm @ RPM) 1.3 Kg-m @ 6500 (12.75 N-m)

9 Suspension

It has a monoshock suspension which makes comfortable ride on smooth roads, i think so because of monoshock suspension i haven’t got any backpain yet. 10/10 points to suspension. And its good for offroading though.

Front Telescopic, 130 mm fork travel
Rear Monoshocks, Nitrox(Gas filled), 110 mm rear wheel travel

10 Gear System

Here i’m talking about the gear system which is build for better mileage, to know the difference you have to ride both Pulsar 150 and Discover 150. In discover u have to shift little bit fast as RPM is less here. Interesting fact is – at 30km/h u can shift to 5th gear. So in traffic or city u can easily ride this bike at 30-40km/h at 5th gear so that u get a better mileage.

Thanks for reading my post and please share my post to help me. Thank You 🙂

I’m UI/UX Designer by profession, traveller and passionate motorcycle rider. I keep calm and twist the throttle to remove the problems! Where ever the destination is or how long it is I take my bike there!

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