Bengaluru – Charmadi Ghat – Dharmastala – Shiradi Ghat – Bengaluru | Honda Hornet 160r

Bengaluru – Charmadi Ghat – Dharmastala – Shiradi Ghat – Bengaluru | Honda Hornet 160r

As Deepavali holidays were ON everyone were visiting destinations all round and making it too crowded! So I thought not to visit any particular destination instead I can just ride in western ghats which would be Charmadi Ghat (See Listing View) & Shiradi Ghat (See Listing View).

Plan was to do a solo ride, at the last moment I just messaged one of the whatsapp group(XRiders) that I’m going for a ride. Instantly Akil replied saying that I have full tank petrol and I can join you. I thought that is fine. So we both started.

Route Plan

Route plan was Bengaluru -> Hassan -> Belur -> Mudigere(My birth place) -> Charmadi Ghat -> ugre -> dharmastala -> Gundya -> Shiradi Ghat -> Sakleshpura -> Hassan -> Bengaluru.

We started exactly at 5AM from Gorguntepalya, cruised at 85km/h on Bengaluru Hassan highway, there was a beautiful view after sunrise, we took few pics and moved for breakfast. Had breakfast in a hotel exactly next to A2B in-between Chennarayapatna and Hassan.

We reached Hassan at 8:30AM, took diversion towards Belur. From here everything was state highway.

HassanBelur road is really good with few corners. Did this stretch of 38kms in 35mins.

Then the actual ride started. We entered Belur – Mudigere road, where in between malnad region starts with coffee estates, a very nice place to ride at early morning. This route was first time for me in motorcycle, so I did not speed up here, tried to enjoy the nature from here.

From Mudigere to Kottigehara also road was super, once we leave kottigehara then that is where we start climbing Charmadi Ghat.

In Charmadi Ghat I was riding at 30 to 40km/h just to enjoy the nature. Thought it very close to my native I have visited this place many times, but in motorcycle first time. We found few spots and stopped for photography and enjoyed the view. It was one of the amazing experience.

Later we moved towards Dharmastala, as it was a long holiday temple was heavily crowded, so I did not visit temple. It was preplanned.

After Dharmastala we took shiradi ghat road which was horrible! Because of rain and heavy vehicles road gets easily spoiled. We were cruising at 20km/h yes that’s right. Could not go further that because of the road condition. It was as equal to off road.

Yes that’s it, later moved to sakleshpura, then Hassan and Bengaluru.

Overall it was a very good ride, 600kms was very easy this time. When nature is good long distance doesn’t matter.

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