Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup – Breakfast Ride to Swathi Delicacy

Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup – Breakfast Ride to Swathi Delicacy

Hello guys today i’m sharing my experience of riding with true bikers and motovloggers, It was a pure Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup, i mean to say all riders here are Motovloggers from Bengaluru. We planned this meetup for around 1 month, every sunday one or the other were missing, but that will never happen all the time. Everyone were free one fine day i.e, 28th February. We all planned to meet at Parle Factory Toll, where our initial ride starts.

Riders who all participated in this ride :

I left home at 6:00 AM and reached Parle Factory Toll at 6:30, at this time BrapMachine, BigBangBiker and TheyseeRider were already waiting for me. We had a small chat and then Cerebral Rider and Bang2WR15 joined us. We all then started our ride at 6:45 AM. BTW we saw too many superbikes that day and had a chat with few of them from Sanjaynagar with Honda 1000r and R1.

Let me come to the ride now. Till Nelamangala we all were maintaining our speed at 80km/h, after nelamangala road was clear with less traffic so everyone just opened their throttle!! What about me šŸ˜€ I was patiently watching everyone overtaking me and moving further, after few kms everyone disappeared, i could not see anyone! Then i thought “if i maintain the speed of 80 – 90km/h then they would be coming back finishing breakfast. So then i started redlining my engine to top speed of 120km/h and maintained 110 – 115km/h.

After few kms of riding 100+ kms i could find our group and chased them. Finally succeeded to catch all of them and took a lead after Kunigal Bypass. Reached Swathi Delicacy very quickly, we saw few superbikes there and many were taking selfies with those bikes, meanwhile few were staring at our action camera and thinking “What the hell is that in their helmets!” So that was the ride. We had lots of fun and discussed about bikes and stuffs. As it was sunday so no worries about work and spent lot of time there.

So thats it guys, it was really a good fun. It will be one of our memories. Thanks for reading this article šŸ™‚ Please feel free to share it.

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