Safety Gears – Comfort vs Safety, What to choose?

Safety Gears – Comfort vs Safety, What to choose?

We all have been there, standing at the motorcycle safety gear shop or while shopping online and not knowing what kind of gear to actually buy. Especially when we are buying it for the first time.

Why riding gears are important

Many people make the mistake of buying gear like buying their clothes. We base our priorities on budget and looks rather than safety and comfort. And as we get more grey hair or lose them, we would start looking at safety aspect of it.

As we get into buying our gear, we are faced with mind boggling array of new words which includes and not limited to leather, cordura, mesh, level 1-2 ce armour, open cell, closed cell, rain liner,  thermal liner and the list keeps going on.

Many people after hearing all these new information, give up and just buy whatever their budget can get them. However for the financially well endowed among us, they just go to named/famed brands like Dianese and alpinestars because apparently more fame = more safety.

Enough, I have ranted enough. For those of you who still have some sort of sanity left after reading that, you would’ve noticed that almost none of the people actually think of comfort while buying their riding gear . But, how could we?? We go to the store, try on the gear for a couple of minutes, make sure it fits our bulging beer bellies/pudgy fingers and buy it.

Only the next day while riding with the gear do we realise that shoulder mobility is very low, heat dissipation is abysmal, the thumb can’t  reach the horn/turn signal, feedback from the handle bar is very low or non existent and the gloves are cutting into your finger inter webs. Because of all these reasons, we would stop using our gears regularly and even vijay mallya might agree with me on the fact that keeping your gear at home while riding is the most financially stupid mistake you could’ve done.

Lets try to analyse as to why more protection is equal to less comfort. Leather and a thick one at that, is touted to be the best protection that money can buy. However it’s not comfortable and it stops you from sweating. Some manufacturers poke holes in them, call them perforated so as to increase the air flow a little bit. Poking holes into leather gear is like poking your crush on Facebook, it might help you slightly but don’t hold your breath on it.

Mesh based jackets offer more airflow, comfort and lighter but obviously offer lower protection. But due to it’s higher comfort level more people would rather use it everyday as compared to leather based jackets which brings is to the old adage “something is always better than nothing”.

But then again if we are on a track, then obviously comfort takes a back seat while protection is at the forefront and a full leather jacket is a must. However in case you’re mostly planning on touring or commuting to office, then comfort is better.

So next time when you buy your gear,do look beyond the fit and think ahead of what you plan to use your gear for and buy accordingly.

Anyways guys, do ride safe and be safe.

This article is written by Dinesh.

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