South Indian Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to Yalagiri

South Indian Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to Yalagiri

Hello guys! Here i come with the new meetup video. Yes this is kind of a different meetup. As you seen in my last blog posts or videos that we had Bengaluru Motovloggers meetup, but this time we went further n did South Indian Motovloggers Meetup. This meetup was for meeting motovloggers from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. From Kerala Open Throttle came for the meetup and from Tamilnadu Tintin Menon and Twin rider joined. And from Bengaluru there were many Motovloggers.

This meetup plan was planned a month before, so that many will schedule their free time properly. Plan worked very well. I will share you everything from ride to meetup. If you want to watch video directly then pls scroll down.

About The meetup place – Yelagiri hill

Yelagiri is a hill region located in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Approximately 170kms from Bengaluru and 230kms from Chennai. This is a good weekend getaways for Bengaluru & Chennai travelers.

Yelagiri is good for trekkers and bikers for the amazing road and views. Punganur Lake is one of the attraction here including many hills for trekking and temples for visitors. Overall its a good place for hanging out for a day or 2 with family or friends. For trekking enthusiasts and adventure lovers it is really a good place. Monsoon would be the best time to visit here to see the beauty of climbing the hill. For trekking winter would be the best.

Ride From Bengaluru

Started my journey at 5:30 AM. Out first meetup point was electronic City. But my home was in Basaveshwarnagar so i had to ride through NICE road which will connect to the exit of electronic city flyover. In the middle of NICE road i got call from Cerebral Biker that he is waiting in Karnataka border. So i directly reached that point by 6:30 AM. By 6:40 AM everyone joined us(I will mention all the riders name below). So we started our ride here. As you guys know that my bike will hardly cruise above 100km/h so i again left alone at last position! 😀

Everyone had 200cc and above bikes but few had 150cc bikes which includes Gixxer SF and Yamaha R15. But still thery are 10 times better than my Discover 150s. But i saw someone from behind! Yes it was Tejas with yamaha R15s. He was the only rider who joined with me in complete journey 🙂 We were riding like tortoise and other vanished like rabbits. We both constantly cruising at 80-90km/h and some times 100km/h also. So first thing we have to think about breakfast right.

When we discussed before we planned to have BF in Krishnagiri, so me n Tejas rode till Krishnagiri n called to confirm where they have stopped for breakfast. Out guess was they would have reached some far distance, but they were behind us at A2B having BF. So no point of going back, we just finished BF in Krishnagiri itself and continues the journey. Our phones were at roaming so internet was not working and GPS also not working. It was difficult for us to find the destination route.

We asked few people but they were explaining Tamil which we could not understand! Few times we took some wrong turn also. Not like the movie Wrong Turn!! Finally managed to reach Yalagiri foothill by 11 AM i guess, there Tintin Menon, Twin Rider and their friends were waiting.  But we were first to reach that place from Bengaluru! Guess what? Tortoise won 😀 Other rider reached foothill 15min late. So at this point number of riders increased to 20(Roughly). Tintin Menon had Yamaha Fz1 and his friend had Harley Davidson 883. from Bengaluru also one super bike was there, i.e Benalli 600i. Below i will mention all riders and their bikes.

Ride from Foothill to top and Meetup

From here actual group ride started for me. All bikes were ready to rumble. Started to climb up the hill. Yalagiri was one of the best road i saw for cornering. Yes believe i enjoyed cornering in my bike! Road was brilliant with many hairpin bends. We reached top of the hill withing 20min. After reaching top i saw a small city. There we were searching for something which i did not know till i reached that point. We reached the final destination where there was paint ball court and small offroad track(I dono what they call for that!).

Few of our riders played paintball n enjoyed. It was too hot there. Believe me it was 41+ degree. After playing and have few minutes of chitchat we left that place and searched for hotel to have lunch. We got at nearest location. This moment was also very good. All riders at one small hut inside hotel. For every rider 2 chair! I mean one for sitting and another for keeping our riding gears! We had soft drinks and biryani. At last after having lunch we planned to take photos at one hairpin bend which will cover all of our bikes. That was really fun. We blocked and distracted other vehicles that time 😀

Yes thats done. Now time to leave. Everyone reached foothill and said good bye to all. That was one emotional moment for all. From there we all started our journey back to home.

Riders In Our Meetup

  1. Tintin Menon
  2. Twin Rider
  3. Open Throttle
  4. Cerebral Biker
  5. BigBang Biker
  6. Alpha Rider
  7. Gixxy Rider
  8. RydoGear
  9. Twitch To Netural
  10. Tejas
  11. Puneeth Shankar
  12. Takmeel
  13. Manjunath Shankar
  14. Swamynathan
  15. Siddharth
  16. Narendra
  17. Rajesh
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