What is Motovlog? Who are motovloggers?

What is Motovlog? Who are motovloggers?

What is Motovlog?

A motovlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle. A person who creates motovlogs is known as a motovlogger, and the action of making motovlogs is called motovlogging. Yes this is exactly true and it clearly explains what exactly motovlog is. And all motovloggers upload their videos in YouTube.

Before going further about motovlog we need to know what is vlogging! Its very simple, we all know what is blog. Blog is a website where we write our thoughts, topics related to anything, tutorial, reviews, sharing experience, etc.. Vlog is another form of Blog, which means instead of writing and making visitors/readers to read we instead make a video and make visitors to watch the video which will be more interesting with good videography. For example if i write a review of a bike then it is called blog, if i make a review video of bike then it is Vlog. simple it is right?

What camera does Motovloggers use?

Ok now we got to know about motovlog. Moto means motorcycle and Vlog means Video log. Every motovlogger or a vlogger need a camera. Normally apart from motovlogger other vloggers use mobile camera or DSLR. But when it comes to Motovlog its different. Almost all motovloggers use action camera which is smart as it is small in size. Most of the Motovloggers use GoPro, which is one of the best action camera which has 170 degree wide angle view. But GoPro is bit expensive, there are other action camera aswell. In that one of the cheap n best is SJcam SJ4000. Will talk more about camera later, right now we got to know what kind of camera motovloggers use.

So where does motovloggers mount their action camera? Simple answer is on their helmet. There are many places to mount the camera but helmet is primary.

But what exactly motovloggers talk? There are many things we can talk. Usually there are few catagories of motovloggers.

First kind is vlogging in city. In india many do this. One of the famous motovlogger who vlogs in city is Oggy F. What they exactly do? Usually they follow traffic rules and tell other to do so. Captures all negativity i.e, not following traffic rules, accidents, caught by traffic police, etc.. Sometimes it really good to watch them. And some do it as daily observation as well.

Next kind is touring. This is one kind most of them do including me. Many motovloggers talk while touring, in this Mumbiker Nikhil is one. This kind of videos are more interesting as they cover all kind of terrains and guide us as well.

There are many other kinds of motovlogging, at the end of this article i’ll mention few of Indian Motovloggers and their channel link. You can subscribe and follow them 🙂

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Now lets talk some interesting fact! Can we make money?

Yes! We can make. But not right away. First need to grab audiance with good and interesting contents. Then subscriber count should go up, Views are considered more as well. Over all i can say its a big cycle to make money. Hard work and dedication is more important. Some of the motovloggers in other country living by making full time mtotovlog.

One last thing! Editing videos!

This is one big part of our motovlogging! Yes editing video and rendering takes lot of time and effort. Atleast because of this we need to get some money! 😛

I hope i have made you understand basic of motovlogging with short and sweet explanation 😛 If you like this pls share it in your Facebook wall 🙂

Some famous Indian motovloggers

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