About TouringHunt

TouringHunt is a travel platform where people can find places added by me or other contributors. Intention of this website is to help travellers find their destination and explore. Ultimately everyone should be a happy traveler.

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About Me

I’m UI/UX Designer by profession, traveler and passionate motorcycle rider. I keep calm and twist the throttle to remove the problems! Where ever the destination is or how long it is I take my bike there!

Why I started TouringHunt?

I always love to share about the road trip I have done, which was always very exciting. Before starting this website I was eating friends head by telling the same road trip story again and again, which was irritating some times.

Later I thought to write a blog post and share it here, so that it would be an option to read it. Then one by one I started to post. Most of the posts here are also on Video collections on my YouTube Channel, If you have not visited my channel yet then there is no better time than this.

Please click here to view my channel. Before saying the name TouringHunt my blog domain name was Tech2Touring, where I planned to write both tech post and travel post, but later thought to concentrate on one which I love the most. Hence renamed to TouringHunt.