Ride to Vasudev Adiga’s Kolar | Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup

Ride to Vasudev Adiga’s Kolar | Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup

Yes this is a Breakfast ride! You may be wondering “why to ride such a long distance to have breakfast!” The main intension is not to have breakfast but to meet good people in the world 🙂 Now the topic is clear 😛

Last time you guys saw our breakfast ride to Swathi Delicacy which is in hassan road, there we had a meetup of Motovloggers from Bengaluru. Yes i met wonderful people that day. As a biker every week i meet new people and everyone are amazing. It’s a kind of new world for me now. So this meetup was also to meet new people in my life. I met two people in this meetup, Riding on D2 and Nik on two wheels.

Riding on D2 is a famous and first Motovlogger of Bengaluru and Nik on two wheels is a great tourer. Both are amazing. Initally we had a chat in YouTube and then on Whatsapp and next day itself we planned to meet. Meeting inside city is too boring, so we planned to meet outside the city. We thought of riding to Vasudev Adiga’s which is in Kolar. It is really a good place to hangout, especially on sundays we can see lot of bikers visiting this place.

We had a chat on friday n planned to meet the very next day. You can watch the full video here or your can scroll down and read further.

Our first meetup point was at Hebbal. We met at 6:45am, meeting for first time is something called excitement. Met Riding On D2 with his Duke 200 and Nik on two wheels with his Pulsar NS 200.  From there we started to ride and till KR puram it was a slow move. After toll gate we moved little faster. Before Kolar we had a small photo shoot. That was really nice, you can find them below. Continues to move towards our meetup destination. Reached early and had a chat for 2hrs and left.

Vasudev Adiga’s is really a good place to hangout for bikers. It was really nice to meet these two people. And thanks a lot for making this day very happy and memorable.

I’m UI/UX Designer by profession, traveller and passionate motorcycle rider. I keep calm and twist the throttle to remove the problems! Where ever the destination is or how long it is I take my bike there!

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