First Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to Hessarghatta

First Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to Hessarghatta

First Meetup of Bengaluru Motovloggers

As we know Motovlogging is increasing in India day by day, so even i thought “Why not i should also start a motovlog and share my thoughts and experiences”. Before blogging i started motovlogging, because making video is easier than building a website! As the day passed even i uploaded few videos but did not get much views because i didn’t had much subscribers! Mean while i was making friends in Youtube by commenting on other motovloggers video and replying to my video comments. One day we planned to make a whatsapp group to meetup n go for a ride, we made it though.

So my first friend and first subscriber to my channel was Dinesh RP. He is also a motovlogger like me n he rides Duke 390. Later i became friend with Bang2WR15, even he is also a motovlogger n he rides Yamaha R15. Another motovlogger named TheyseeRider also joined our group but he couldn’t make it for meetup that day. And he too rides Yamaha R15. It was really a good experience with them, everyone are really great.

Experience of meetup

I was really excited to meet them. We planned to meetup at BEL circle at 6:40 AM, they were at the right time but i was bit late because i had to fuel up my bike. So i reached meetup point at 7:00 AM and we left there at 7:05 AM. While riding with them i felt i was riding with the real bikers, it was a decent ride. 7:45 we reached Hessarghata Lake, as we were visiting that place for first time we were confused a bit where to go!! Later we reached the exact destination and we had a good time. Later we went to Nrityagrama(Dance Village) but it was closed at that time. As you can see in my video about the complete picture of meet up to Nrityagrama.

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